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German Reprap - X400 :


Printing Technology: FFF

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X400 PRO V3 3D printer swiftly and cheaply turn your ideas into prototypes, concepts or demo models. Engineered and made in Germany, the X400 PRO V3 is designed for large format industrial 3D printing and never fails to impress all types of development teams with its high precision, speed and large printing volume.


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  • 1. 390 x 400 mm build platform and a possible height of 320 mm
    2. Provide the ideal basis for printing large objects
    3. Two DD3 extruders as standard
    4. Advanced extruder technology for two printer heads comes as a standard feature
    5. The DD3 3D extruder developed by German RepRap features two print heads, thus allowing printing in two colors or with water soluble support material such as PVA for PLA or HIPS for ABS parts.
    6. The extruder can be heated to 290℃ (554℉), thus offering flexibility in the choice of possible materials.

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